Optitrack is motion capture software, the data is able to be taken in through this IO Connection.

Optitracks (Motive API) Setup


Name Description
Motive application profile The motive application profile file destination can be selected.
Camera Calibration The camera calibration file destination can be selected.
Status The connection status will be displayed here.
Is Running When on, the motive data is running and being received.
AutoStart When on, the tracking information will automatically start. When off the start process will need to be pressed.
Start Process When clicked the motive tracking process will start.
Generate Cameras When clicked cameras will be generated.


Name Description
Process Rigid Body When on, the rigid body will be processed.
Process Active Tracker When on, the data from the tracker will be used.
Process Label Tracker When on, the data from the Labeled trackers will be used.
Process Unlabeled Tracker When on, the data from the unlabeled trackers will be used.
Display Cameras When on, the cameras will be displayed.
Display Frustum When on, the camera frustum will be displayed.
Frustum Length The frustum length can be added in meters.
Camera Colour The camera colour can be added using the colour picker.



Name Description
Position When on, the NatNet positional data will be used.
Rotation When on, the NatNat rotational data will be used.
  • Active Marker – The data will follow an active marker.
  • Body – The input data will form a soft body.
  • Rigid Body – The data will correspond to a rigid body with multiple points reacting, moving and rotating together.
  • Unlabeled Marker – The input data will be from the unlabeled markers.
  • Labeled Marker – The input data will be from labeled markers.
Identify by
  • ID – This is the specific identifying name of a point.
  • Index – This includes all the objects within the space.
Object ID A number is selected that relates to either the object ID or index.


Name Description
  • Global Position – The global position will be output.
  • Relative Position – The relative position will be output.
  • Global Effected Position – The global effected position will be output.
  • Global Rotation – The global rotation of the object will be output.
  • Relative Rotation – The relative rotation will be output.
  • Global Effected Rotation – The global effected rotation will be output.


Name Description
Tracked State
  • Undefined – When tracker does not have a map input.
  • Inactive – When the tracker has a follow object input map.
  • Active – When the tracker has a target object map input.
Enable Recording When on, the tracking data can be recorded.

Compatible input object