Perception neuron is a motion capture suit with skeleton data. The IO connection takes in the perception neuron data.

Perception Neuron Setup

Name Description
Server IP This is where the IP address of the server can be added.
Interface This is the IP address of the local network interface (NIC) which should be used for this connection.
Port This is the port that will receive data from other devices.
Status This will display the status of the incoming data.


Name Description
Offset Position Any positional offset to the data can be set.
Offset Scale Any scale offset to the data can be set.
Offset Rotation Any rotational offset to the data can be set.
Align Tool Pressing this button will align the tracking data with the object.
Clear Offset Pressing this button will reset all the offset coordinates.

Perception Neuron Mapping

Maps In

Name Description
Skeleton ID The ID number of the input skeleton can be added here.


Name Description
Tracked State
  • Undefined – When tracker does not have a map input.
  • Inactive – When the tracker has a follow object input map.
  • Active – When the tracker has a target object map input.
Enable Recording When on, the input data can be recorded.

Compatible Input Objects

Video Tutorial

Perception Neuron setup and mapping.

Make sure, that you define in Axis Studio the settings like these: