This is a native input for Antilatency tracking data.

Antilatency is an inside-out tracking system provider for VR/AR, Virtual Production, MoCap, Drones and Robotics.

Prepare AntilatencyService

First you need to start AntilatencyService and define your default configuration.

navigate to the environments menu and click on option icon from your setup

select these as default

Setup Antilatency connection

Within Stage Precision add the Antilatency IO.

click on the ( + ) or a seconday click to open the menu
navigate to 3D Tracking and select antilatency

The environment should be visible when the connection is sucessfully.

Add objects from the IO

Within the antilatency IO click on the magnifyer to get a list with all connected “Alt”-Sensors.

click on the serial number to add from here an object within the object tree

This will add Tracker Objects with a map input to antilatency

Map Input

Instead of adding object from the antilatency IO, it´s also possible to add a Map input directly into an object from the object tree.
Simply select a object navigate to Map Inputs and click on the ( + ) to add the antilatency map.

Name Description
Serial The Serial number of the Antilatency Camera. (will create automaticly when using the magnifyer inside the IO)
Data Type
  • Raw Position
  • Extrapolated Position
Extrapolated Delta Delta value of the extrapolation when used as Data Type
constant update Rotation use rotation from the IMU also when the position is not detected