This is a native input for Antilatency tracking data.

Antilatency Setup


Name Description
Version reply the version of the antilatency service
Display Environment Will hide/show the tracking marker inside the viewport
Environment reply a list which each single tracking marker and its position data

Environment in Viewport:

Antilatency Mapping

With an Map Input the Data of this IO will be mapped into the defined object.

Create object within the IO

With a click on the magnifyer it apperas a list with all actual incoming objects.
Click on one and create automaticly an object inside the object tree with the correct Map Input settings.

Maps In

Name Description
Serial The Serial number of the Antilatency Camera. (will create automaticly when using the magnifyer inside the IO)
Data Type
  • Raw Position
  • Extrapolated Position
Extrapolated Delta Delta value of the extrapolation when used as Data Type
constant update Rotation use rotation from the IMU also when the position is not detected