Define Garbage Matte objects

All objects defined as “Set as garbage matte object” which are equal to the “Garbage Matte Objects” list within the Shield Actor, are part of the seperated garbage matte render pass.

This is a simplified renderer which allowed “StaticMeshActors” with materials.
The Materials needs to be “Opaque” with a “Default Lit” shading.

The Garbage Matte can be used as “set extension” to replace an area outside of a green-/bluescreen with the virtual background.
Simply use a SDI output with this pass and connect these with your hardware keyer.

The two planes are defined as garbage matte object (screenshot in edit mode/not in play)

Within the background or foreground pass are these objects not visible
They are also excludet in all reflections

The garbage matt pass will look like these

Also gradient textures can be applied