A calibration multiscreen can be used to calibrate curved or other shaped LED-Walls.

The Screen can be added within the object tree.

The multiscreen is one object with contains multiple surfaces.

Each surface represents a part (like each column) or each single panel of the real LED-Wall.

With a secondary click on the object a “surface generator” can be opened.

A curved LED-Wall setup could looks like this. (21 columns, each 0,5m width, 4m height)

Go now into the tab “Screen” and define the output mapping resolution.
For example 4096×2160px and click on “Generate Texture”.

Within the tab “SP Pattern” it´s possible to define the size for each single marker.
Change these for example to 0,25m.
Go back to Screen and click again on “Generate Texture”:

Within the Inspector it´s possible to now export the image as png.
Click on the ( I ) and click on “export marker image”.