Ouster is a manufacturer for 3D-Lidars.
These lidars can be used within SP to generate tracking information out of the 3D point cloud. For details on how to use this object to do blob tracking please refer to this page.


The Ouster device should be connected to an interface with a link-local address.
This means the interface should have a IP-Address in the range of


To add an Ouster Sensor click within the Object Tree on the (+) and navigate to Sensors.

The “Device IP / Host” needs to be set based on the following format:

Device types:

For example, if the devices is an OS1 with a serial number of 982937244514, then the “Device IP / Host” would be:

Scan lines & frequency

It is possible to define the resolution and frequency of an Ouster lidar.

Mode number of columns per rotation frequency in Hz
512×10 512 10
512×20 512 20
1024×10 1024 10
1024×20 1024 20
2048×10 2048 10
4096×5 4096 5