Cues can be added to the timeline to trigger events at certain times.

A cue can be added by double-clicking the area of the timeline where the cue needs to be. This will create a cue and this cue can be edited in the inspector.

Cue Parameters

Name Description
Time The exact time where the cue is located can be added here.
Locked When on, the cue can not be moved from its set time.
  • Play – The timeline will continue to play past this cue.
  • Pause – The timeline will be paused at this triggered.
  • Jump – The cue will cause the timeline to jump to a certain time on the timeline.
  • Info – The cue can be used to output information.


Name Description
Jump Time The time for the jump cue can be set.
Pause after Jump When on the timeline will pause after the jump.