New Sensor integration:

New IO Connection:

New Objects:

New Node:

New Camera calibration tool:

  • Simple Static Calibration with Marker


  • Mesh object supports textures
  • General improvements for camera calibration tools
  • Countdown node is now calculating also without any connected pins.
  • StypeHF now supports FocusDistance values on top of raw encoder values
  • general performance improvements on large/complex project files
  • New event for dropdown interface element (On value change)
  • Pool object DataTree can now be exported as JSON file
  • Sick Lidars are now a sensor object under the object tree, no longer an IO connection
  • Blackmagic Hyperdeck have now more advanced trigger and readout possibilities

Bug & Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with Monogram integration
  • Fixed loading issues when imported mesh files had “to many” polygons
  • SMT camera tracking where limited up to the id 127 and is now support the full range
  • The Point Limit filter for the Volume object wasn´t saved correctly within the project file
  • The Data Table on change event filter wasn´t all working as expected
  • Under certain circumstances by move a container from one object into an other SP where crashing
  • The state of the interface element Button Group where not set correctly after loading a project file
  • Fixed the issue when using during the camera calibration multiscreen as well as a single screen together
  • The custom UDP implementation was limited to a specific amount of bytes.
  • Under certain circumstances project files had general issued by opening/loading.
  • Crash fix in the camera calibration tools by viewing observation images