Hyperdeck Studio are professional broadcast decks that record and playback media.

A Hyperdeck can be remote controlled from Stage Precision.

Setup the Hyperdeck IO-Connection

define the Hyperdeck IP address (Remote Host) and select the local interface

Trigger Maps

Trigger maps can be “called” among other things within interface objects like Buttons, Dropdowns, Timline Trigger Layer, Areas, Nodes, and many more…

Multiple command can be choosen from the dropdown:

Action Additional parameters
Goto Timecode
  • Timecode HH:MM:SS:MS
Jog Timecode
  • Timecode HH:MM:SS:MS
Set Playback Range
  • Start Timecode HH:MM:SS:MS
  • End Timecode HH:MM:SS:MS
Clear Playback Range -
set Loop true -
set Loop false -