A keyframe layer can be added by using the + button in the timeline.

To add a block double click anywhere in the timeline, this block can last for any length of time within the timeline. Keyframes can now be organized within this block.

Keyframes can be added by right-clicking on the parameter of the object which needs to be keyframed and selecting add key.

This will then ask if you’d like to;

  • Append Previous – This will add the keyframes to the block selected.
  • Prepend Previous – This will add the keyframes to the same block but before the previous keyframes.
  • Create New Block – This will add the keyframes to a separate new block.

Keyframes can continue to be added along the timeline by changing the parameter values within the inspector and double-clicking within the objects block along the timeline.

Keyframes can also be moved to different times along the timeline by dragging the certain key or clicking on the key and changing the time in the inspector.

Block Setup

Time The start time of the block can be manually added here.
Length The length or duration of the block can be added manually here.
Locked If ticked/on the block will be locked on the timeline.
Colour The colour of the block can be altered here.