Ultimatte is a professional professional keyer.

Ultimatte Setup

Name Description
Remote Host This is where the IP address of the server can be added.
Remote port This is the port that the data package will be sent to.
Interface This is the IP address of the local network interface which should be used for this connection.
Is Connected When on, the device is connected.

Trigger Maps

Trigger Maps can be called among other things within interface objects like Buttons, Dropdowns, Timeline Trigger Layer, Areas, Nodes, and many more. There is 1 type of trigger map available for the Ultimatte, which is sending commands.

Command Description
Monitor to Program toggle the Monitor to Program Out
Matte Enable toggle Matte
Lighting Enable toggle lighting
Window Enable toggle window
LV Input Enable toggle LV input
BM Enable toggle Background Matte
GM Enable toggle Garbage Matte
HM Enable toggle Holdout Matte
LV Fade Mix control the fade between foreground and background source
Quickload 1 loading preset 1
Quickload 2 loading preset 2
Quickload 3 loading preset 3
Quickload 4 loading preset 4
Quickload 5 loading preset 5
Quicksave 1 saving to preset 1
Quicksave 2 saving to preset 2
Quicksave 3 saving to preset 3
Quicksave 4 saving to preset 4
Quicksave 5 saving to preset 5
Monitor Out Choosing what is sent to the Monitor Out:
  • Program
  • FG
  • BG
  • Combined Matte
  • Internal Matte
  • Fill
  • Layer In
  • Background Matte In
  • Garbage Matte In
  • Holdout Matte In
  • Layer Matte In
  • Processed LM
  • Processed HM
  • Processed GM
  • Processed BM
  • Screen Correction
Layer Order Choosing the composite layer order:
  • FG/Layer/BG Layer/BG
  • Layer/FG/BG Layer/BG
  • Layer/BG Layer/FG/BG
  • BG Layer/Layer/FG/BG
  • BG Layer/FG/Layer/BG
  • FG/BG Layer/Layer/BG
  • FG/BG Layer/BG
  • BG Layer/FG/BG
  • FG/Layer/BG
  • Layer/FG/BG