The Data Tree is a viewer and storage for json formated data.

Create a Data Tree

To add a Data Tree within the pool, click on the small (+) or a secondary click in the empty space of the pool.

Data Tree options

With a secondary click on the Data Tree the menu shows the following options:

  • Open Data Tree View
Open the data tree view
  • Clear Tree
clears the complete data tree
  • Replace Tree from Clipboard
Replaced the data tree with the data of the clipboard
  • Copy Tree as JSON
copy the data tree into the clipboard
  • Import Json File
import a *.json file
  • Export Json File
export a *.json file

Data Tree View

Within the viewer its possible to copy the adresses to access them within scripting.

A secondary click on an entrie open the copy menu

Data Tree Events

The Data Tree has two events:

  • “On Content Replaced” triggered each time when the Data Tree gets new values.
  • “On Value Changed” triggered only when a specific “adress” changed the values.