The Tracking Light Fixture is an object to follow a Target and drive a real moving head fixture in real time.
It can send and receive DMX data over ArtNet and/or sACN.

This object can not only send DMX values, it also can merge incoming DMX values with the generated/calculated parameters.
The merge can be defined and controlled over DMX as well.
The following parameter can be merged within real time and the weight of the merge can be defined over separated mix parameters:

  • Position
  • Brightness
  • Zoom
  • Iris
  • Focus
  • Color

An “Auto Size” function can control the Zoom and/or Iris depending on the distance of the Target object.

Additionally to the target, an offset for each Tracking Light Fixture can be defined over DMX.
And for sure it´s possible to change the Target object over DMX and define a morph time to move smooth from one target to an other.

The Target object can be driven by a 2D/3D-Tracking system, 2D/3D-Lidar sensors, image based blob tracking as well as from Joysticks.
For more details check out the Target object.

A fast and accurate calibration tool calculate the position of a fixture within the 3D space.
The calculation can be used self generated position presets or use the incoming DMX values from a lighting desk.
Additionally to the calculation of the 3D location and orientation a 3D-DMX based interpolation system adds the final touch to have the light fixtures always “spot on”.
If in extreme environments or super long distances, despite the great calibration, multiple fixture are no longer perfectly on top of each other, the system can simply add another 3D-DMX interpolation point to fix these immediately.