Add a sACN and/or ArtNet IO connection.

Add DMX maps to the fixtures

Map Out

Select a fixture within the object tree and add a map output for any single fixture to “drive” the light fixture.

dmx map – fixture out

Map In

If and external lighting desk is used please also add a map input.

dmx map – fixture in

Map In Controller

If the DMX merge should happen within SP it´s also recommend to add a “Controller Map In” to remote control the merge properties from the lighting desk.

dmx map – controller

Patch the Fixtures

Open the patcher

within the DMX-IO you find the patcher

Sort the Fixtures by name if necessary

Select the maps which should be patched

Select the first row, hold the shift key and select the last row.
Then click on the patcher icon in the upper left corner.


The patcher floating window is patching the selected maps automatically by given values.
Offset is an addional values to generates gaps between the maps.
The needed gaps will be applyed automatically to avoid “overlapping”, also by levaing “Offset” at 0.

The maps are now patched