Selection Presets can be add inside of the Pool.

A selection Preset can store/update any paramater from an Object or Interface element.
This Preset can be call afterwards to “load” the defined parameter.

Create a selection Presets

To add a selection Preset within the pool, click on the small (+) or a secondary click in the empty space of the pool.

Select the selection Preset will open the propertys inside the Inspector.

Create now a Preset Parameter target, to link different parameter from an object/interface.

Linked target parameter:

Update/Call selection Presets

It´s possible to update each single parameter with the actual value from the object/interface.

Instead of updating each single parameter it´s also possible to update the complete selection Presets with all preset Parameter at the same time.
Secondary click on the selection Preset inside the Pool.

Use trigger Events to Call/Update a selection Preset

To call or update a preset from any kind of Events like a Button click, Timeline trigger etc. pp…
Create a Action inside this event -> functions -> Call Preset/Update Preset.

Choose the needed selection Preset and define a Morph time.