Recalibration can be done if some cameras have shifted slightly or a new camera is added into an already calibrated system. This is a tool to provide a faster method to calibrate a system based on the assumption that the majority of the system is still in a good state.

  • Active Points – using some active markers recalibrate the system
  • Rigid Body – using a rigid body of markers to recalibrate the system
  • Wand – using a traditional wand to recalibrate the system. The distance between the markers on the wand can be adjusted
  • Wand Single Camera – using a traditional wand to add a new camera into the system or reclibrate a single camera that has been completely moved. Choose a target optitrack camera in this tool as the known camera thas is new / moved camera, and the rest of the cameras in the optitrack volume are treated to be reference cameras

The process of recalibration is similar to a new calibration. The minimum number of valid frames are lower than that of a new calibration process.