A Cuelist handle multiple actions in a predefined order.

Add a Cuelist

A Cuelist can be added in any board.
With a secondary click in the board a menu will be shown.
The cuelist is in the category “Interfaces”.

Cuelist Settings

Name Description
Current Cue The active cue number will be displayed here.
Loop When on the cuelist will loop after reached the last cue.
Next Cue This button will trigger the next cue.
Previous Cue This button will trigger the previous cue.
Stop CueList This button will stop the cue list from being active.


Multiple cues can be added using the (+) button.

To rename a cue, double click on the name.

To change the order of the cues click on the arrows to move a cue up or down.

Cue Actions

Multiple actions for each cue can be added by using the (+) button.

Cuelist Events

Events can be added to the cuelist by using the (+) button;
these include the following trigger events:

on next Cue when “next cue” will be triggered
on previous Cue when “previous cue” will be triggered
on Stop CueList when “Stop CueList” will be triggered
on reach End of CueList when the CueList reach the end of the list or lopped

Cuelist Nodes

By drag’n drop the Button parameter into a board will create input or output nodes.

Call Cuelists with scripting

A Cuelist can also be called from a script


Secondary Click on Cuelist Interface

By secondary clicking on the cuelist board interface, there is the option to silently go to a cue and have the cuelist ready to jump to that cue by pressing the “Go” button