Stage Precision has an internal event system to react on different events wich can be start from IO Connections, Interface elements and Objects.

Within an event it´s possible to define an action.

“Classical” Action-Events can be find in the following objects/interfaces:

  • Button
  • Colorfield
  • Cuelist
  • Slider
  • XY Stick
  • Areas

All other trigger Events, like a Trigger-Node or the Trigger in the Timeline has for sure also the possibility to run this kind of Events.
This kind of trigger are already a “predefined event” like:

  • On Timeline Trigger (Timeline)
  • On Trigger Changed (Trigger Node & Trigger delayed Node)
  • Action Trigger (Pool Action)

Button Event Example:

Buttons have four exclusive events:

  • On Down
  • On Up
  • On Change state to true
  • On Change state to false

So within each of this event you can call IO Commands and Functions like:

Create a Event

Choose the type of the event:

Create a Action

Choose a Action