A Kinetic Construction combined different Kinetic Driver to one Construction Object.


Name Description
Position This will move the object along X, Y and Z axis in the local space.
Scale Scale of the coordinate system. To scale the Object check the settings under “Display”
Rotation Rotation of the object along X, Y and Z axis.

Kinetic Construction

Name Description
Point Count The amount of Kinetic Driver will be used for this Construction Object


Name Description
Mass The mass of the Kinetic Construction Object
Collision Enable/Disable Collision with other objects
Dampen Movement A Damping filter for position movement
Dampen Rotation A Damping filter for rotations


Name Description

Combine two Kinetic Driver with a Kinetic Construction

Define two Kinetic Driver wich should combine their data.

Define the “pick point” of the Kinetic Driver relative to the Construction Object.

click on this icon to apply the pick point changes: