This is an ultra-wideband software and hardware designed to accurately track moving objects within a space.

Pozyx Setup

Name Description
Server IP This is where the IP address of the server can be added.
Mqtt Port
Reset Port
Interface This is the IP address of the local network interface which should be used for this connection.
Status This displays the status of the IO connection.
Is Bound This will be on when the IO connection is bound to a network.
Server The server name is displayed here.
Refreshrate The refreshrate can be altered here.
Get Anker Pressing the button will find the ankers.


Name Description
Display Anker When on, the ankers will be displayed.
Anker Colour The anker colour can be altered here. Clicking the colour box opens a colour picker with RGB (red, green, blue) and alpha control.

Poxyz Mapping

Maps In

Name Description
Tag ID The ID number can be added here.
Position When on, the input position data will be used.


Name Description
  • Global Position – The object will be affected by the global position of the data.
  • Relative Position – The relative position will be output.
  • Global Rotation – The object will be affected by the global rotational data.
  • Relative Rotation – The rotation of the object will be relative to the tracking data.


Name Description
Tracked State
  • Undefined – When tracker does not have a map input.
  • Inactive – When the tracker has a follow object input map.
  • Active – When the tracker has a target object map input.
Enable Recording When on, the input data can be recorded.

Compatible Input Objects