With the Slack Bot IO it´s possible to send notifications from SP directly into your Slack messenger.
Use this to monitoring your systems and send notifications in case of failures or status updates.

Prepare Slack

It´s necessary to prepare Slack before using this IO-Connection.

Create a Slack app

  1. Open https://api.slack.com/
  2. Click on “Create an app”
  3. Choose “From scratch”
  4. Define a “App Name” and pick your workspace
  5. Click on “Create App”
  6. Within the category “Add features and functionality” click on “Permissions”
  7. Scroll down to “Scopes”
  8. Within “Bot Token Scopes” click on “Add an OAuth Scope”
  9. Choose “chat:write”, “calls:write”, “chat:write.public” and “im:write”
  10. Scroll up and click on “Install to Workspace”
  11. Click on “Allow”
  12. Copy the “Bot User OAuth Token” and save that as well for later use.

Prepare the Slack Bot IO in SP

Add the “Slack Bot” IO within the IO-Connections

Bot Token

Within the IO settings paste the “Bot Token” generated from the Slack app like above.

Trigger Maps

Trigger maps can be “called” among other things within interface objects like Buttons, Dropdowns, Timline Trigger Layer, Areas, Nodes, and many more…

Channel needs to be equal to a channel name within Slack.
Message is whatever should send to this message.