The Target object is a special object biuld for the use of light tracking applications.

A Tracking Light Fixture should use this object as target.

Target parameter

The Target object has multiple parameter which can effect a Tracking Light Fixture:

Target Size / Focus

The target size can drive the zoom and/or iris of a Tracking Light Fixture.

Target Height

The target height can be defined if the input dosn´t deliver height information, like a blobtracking, 2D-Lidar, Joystick or similiar.

The height will be calculated from the zero world location.

By adding a “Drop to Surface” target filter a custom floor height can be defined.

Using “Auto Height” with mesh objects

Mesh objects can be used to detect automatically the floor height defined by the meshes.

Add a “Drop to Surface” target filter.

add surface/mesh objects

define the targets with the mesh objects from the object tree