This node compares two input values and outputs the result if the value is true.

Compare Setup

Name Description
  • Float – Individual X, Y or Z data.
  • Integer – These are whole numbers.
  • == Equal (A=B).
  • != Not Equal (A is not equal to B).
  • < Smaller (A is smaller than B).
  • <= Smaller Equal (A is smaller than or equal to B).
  • > Bigger (A is larger than B).
  • >= Bigger Equal (A is bigger than or equal to B).
Result When the equation is true the result will be on and output.
A This is the first input value.
B This is the second input value.


Name Description
Position The position of the node on the board can be set using XY values.
Size The size of the node, width and height can be set here.