Within SP, it is possible to define an area in 3D space for interactive purposes. Some of the things that SP can do once there is this defined area include:

  • if an object has entered the area
  • if an object has left the area
  • when the defined area is empty
  • if objects inside this defined area is moving

All of this is primarily enabled by the Area object. For details about the object and all of this properties please refer to this page.


  • Area
  • Object of any kind or a folder of objects


  1. Define the location, size, and shape of the Area object
  2. Select the trigger objects or a target for the Area object to monitor, under Area – Coordinates – Targets – (+)


  1. Define what trigger events you are interested in, under Area – Events – (+)
  2. Choose the appropriate Trigger Event
  3. Define what happens when the event is triggered, under Area – Events – Events – Actions – (+)