The Distortion Viewer is a simple preview to visualize the distortion Values of the Camera object.
There is one layer where a source can be distorted and another layer with an not distorted source.
These layers can be combined to see if the distortion values matched with the real camera input.

To open the Distortion Viewer select a Camera Object and click on this iscon:

The Distortion Viewer will open as a floating window.

Name Description
Image Source
  • Image Provider (like a SDI Input can be used to add the distortion values)
  • File (load an image file to add the distortion values)
  • Renderpass (used the SP Camera View to add the distortion values)
Overlay target Image Provider target, a SDI Input can be used
Overlay image file load an image file
Overlay Alpha alpha value for the overlay image
Enable Distortion enabled/diabled lend distortion for the Image path
Save Image Save the actual frame as image