To send commands/events from Stage Precision to Gateway it´s necessary to have a action event map.

The name of the action menu is equal to the IO name:

Add a trigger from the following menus:


Start Application

Define a complete application path which should open. (include “.exe”)

Start Application with Parameter

Define a complete application path which should open. (include “.exe”)
Add extra parameters which should start within the lunch of the application.
Within this example you can start a Unreal project in game mode.

Focus Application

Can “focus” a application (bring it to the front) to send inter alia a keypress or similar action which needs a specific application in front.
Command needs to match the window name incl. lower/upper case.

The exactly name of a windows can be viewed by hold “alt + tab”.
To bring the explorer Desktop to the front, “Desktop” needs to be defined as command.
To bring the Unreal project to the front, “Demo – Unreal Editor” needs to be defined as command.

open File

Define a complete file path which should open. (include prefix)

Run Console Command

Run the commandline with the given command.

Kill Process

Killed immediately the defined process. (Check in task manager “Processes” the naming)

Show Message

Open a message window with the given text.


Shutdown the computer.

Force Shutdown

Force a shutdown from this computer.


Reboot the computer.


Send the computer into the sleep mode.

Show Browser

Open a smal reduced browser with the given adress.

Hide Browser

Hide the browser if open.

Display Tally

Show Display Tally

Shows a on screen “Tally” boarder.

Display ID Index of the Display where the Tally boarder should be shown. 0 = Display1, 1 = Display2 etc.
Label add a Label in the upper left corner
Color The color of the boarder
Border Size the size of the boarder

Hide Display Tally

Hide the on screen “Tally” boarder.

Wake On Lan

Send a WakeOnLan command to the computer.

Key Press

Send a Key Press to the Gateway instance.

FunctionKeys A dropdown with some predefined keys.
KeyCode the key code of the key
Modifier The option to enable multiple modifiers at the same time