Name Description
Local Port This is the port that will receive data from other devices.
Is Bound This will be on when the IO connection is bound to a network.
Multicast Connection When on, data can be sent to multiple recipients.
Multicast Target IP This is where the IP address of the multicast can be entered.
Interface This is the IP address of the local network interface which should be used for this connection.


Name Description
Offset Position Any positional offset to the data can be set.
Offset Scale Any scale offset to the data can be set.
Offset Rotation Any rotational offset to the data can be set.
Align Tool Pressing this button will align the tracking data with the object.
Clear Offset Pressing this button will reset all the offset coordinates.

Vertex Mapping

Object Mapping

Area objects can sent out vertex commands as events.

Name Description
Message The output message can be added manually.

Node Based

Name Description
Module Info This will be updated when the node is connected.
Command The output command can be manually added.
  • Float – Individual X, Y or Z data.
  • Integer – These are whole numbers.
Value This is the value that will be output.