3D Connexion Setup

Name Description
Status The status of the device connection will be displayed here.

3D Connexion Mapping

Maps In

Name Description
Use Position When on, the input position data will be used.
Position Factor This is the input position value.
Use Rotation When on, the input rotation data will be used.
Rotation Factor This is the input rotation value.


Name Description
Tracked State
  • Undefined – When tracker does not have a map input.
  • Inactive – When the tracker has a follow object input map.
  • Active – When the tracker has a target object map input.
Enable Recording When on, the tracking data can be recorded.

Compatible Input Objects

Node Mapping

Name Description
Module Info The module information will be displayed here.
Position This is the incoming positional data.
Rotation This is the incoming rotational data.
Button Left When on, the left button is active.
Button Right When on, the right button is active.


Name Description
Editable When on, the node is editable.
Locked When on, the node is locked into its position on the board.