This is a set light fixture that is usually used to light an object or person.


Name Description
Position This will move the object along X, Y and Z axis in the local space.
Scale Scale of the coordinate system. To scale the Object check the settings under “Display”
Rotation Rotation of the object along X, Y and Z axis.

Spotlight Parameters

Name Description
Colour Clicking the colour box opens a colour picker with RGB (red, green, blue) and alpha control.
Beam Brightness Control of brightness from 0 to 100.
Beam Angle The measurement of how the light is distributed in degrees. The larger the number the wider the beam.
Beam Inner Angle The measurement of the inner beam in degrees. This can not be larger than the beam angle.


These are settings for the virtual spotlight within the Unreal Engine.

Name Description
Beam Length Length of the beam of light in meters.
Source Radius This is the distance from the center of the lens to the edge in meters.
Soft Radius This is the approximate radius of the UE spotlight.
Source Size This is the size of the source of the spotlight.
Brightness Factor This is the % of brightness from 0 to 100.


Name Description
Display Object If ticked, the object will be visible in the scene. If un-ticked, the object will not be visible.
Display Label When on, there will be a label displayed next to the object.
Locked When un-ticked, it activates keyboard shortcuts – pressing ‘E’ allows you to move and ‘R’ rotate.
Viewport Scale Dimensions of the object in the viewport in meters.
Display Spot Wireframe When ticked a wireframe of the beam is displayed. This is useful to help see the beam angle.
Display Coloured Spot When ticked a coloured beam is displayed.

Display Settings Tutorial


Input Mapping


Output Mapping

Node Based

The object can be controlled and used as a node. The node is created by clicking and dragging the parameter on to the board.

Name Description
  • Input – The nodes input values are determined by incoming values from an external source.
  • Output – The node is outputting data to another source.
Target Object This is the object that will either be affected by the incoming values or output information.
Position The directional XYZ values will be displayed here.
Rotation The rotational XYZ values will be displayed here.
Enabled When on, the parameter is active and enabled.
Display Colour This colour block can be changed by changing the parameter.


Enabled When on, the parameter is active and enabled.
Locked When on, the node is locked into its position on the board.