Actions can handle different trigger / functions which will be organized in the Pool.
These Actions an be called from different “locations” like Buttons, Nodes, Timeline, ect…
Everything what can handle events is able to run an Action.

Add a Action in the Pool

An Action can be added within the Pool by clicking on the (+).

Action Settings

The settings of the action can be set in the Inspector.

Actions has three different types:

  • Manual
  • Time
  • Startup

Manual Actions needs a trigger to run

Time Actions will be triggered if the system time is matching the defined time or if a trigger runs these

Startup Actions will be triggered after the projects opens or if a trigger runs these

Action Trigger

Different Trigger can be added to the Action.
Events are depending from IO-Connections, as more IO-Connections are added as more Events are available.

Some general Event functions are always available: