This effector uses the formula of wave formations to affect the target objects.
With full control over how the formula is written, the time, count and index can be changed which alters how the wave affects the objects.


Name Description
Position This will move the object along X, Y and Z axis in the local space.
Scale Scale of the coordinate system. To scale the Object check the settings under “Display”
Rotation Rotation of the object along X, Y and Z axis.


Name Description
Weight This is the amount that the objects are affected, the higher the number the more the objects are affected.
Formula The formula will be displayed here and can be completely altered by the user.
  • t = current time – This is the speed of the effector, the smaller the number the quicker the movement.
  • i = index of the element – The index contains the objects which are affected by the effector. Dividing the index by a number or ‘count’ will decide how the objects are affected..
  • count = total count of elements – This is the total number of objects affected by the effector. When the index is divided by the count each object will be affected individually.
  • falloff = falloff – This is the intensity of the effector, the higher the number the more intense the effect will be.
Position Position along the X, Y and Z axis, that the objects will move when interacting with the effector.
Rotation Rotation along the X, Y and Z axis, that the objects will do when interacting with the effector.
Colour Clicking the colour box opens a colour picker with RGB (red, green, blue) and alpha control.


Name Description
  • Infinite – This will affect everything within the visualizer.
  • Sphere – The area that is affected will be defined by the radius of the sphere.
  • Cube – The area that is affected will be defined by the size of the cube.
  • Linear – The area that is affected will be defined by the side or direction of the linear plane.
Position Type
  • Original Object Position – This will affect the objects from their original positions.
  • Effected Position – The objects will be affected by the position of the effector.
Falloff When increased this will create a feathered effect to the affected area, if at 0 the falloff point will be a line.
Radius Distance from the center of the object to the edge of the circle in meters.
Cube Size Dimensions of the cubes width, height and length.
Invert When ticked, the effector will only affect objects within its shape. When un-ticked, it will invert the effect and only affect those outside the shape.

Effected Objects


Name Description
Target A target object can be selected by using the trigger button. The target object/s will be affected by the effector.
  • Tracker
  • Pixel
  • Spotlight
  • Light Fixture
  • Winch
  • Winch2
  • Winch3

Custom Parameter

Effector Float

Name Description
Parameter Address The
Min Value The minimum value can be set here.
Max Value The maximum value can be set here.


Name Description
Display Object If ticked, the object will be visible in the scene. If un-ticked, the object will not be visible.
Display Label When on, there will be a label displayed next to the object.
Locked When un-ticked, it activates keyboard shortcuts – pressing ‘E’ allows you to move and ‘R’ rotate.
Object Colour Double click the colour block and this will open a colour picker. This can be used to change the object display colour.
Viewport Scale Dimensions of the object in the viewport in meters.

Display Settings Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Formula Effector setup begins at 06:20.

Node Based

The formula effector can be manipulated in the board by adding the effector as a node, this can be done by clicking and dragging the specific effector on the board.

Name Description
  • Input – The effector’s values are determined by incoming values from an external source.
  • Output – The effector is outputting data to another source.
Target Object The object that will be affected can be selected here.
Position The XYZ values will be displayed here.
Rotation The XYZ values will be displayed here.
Enabled When on, the parameter is active and enabled.
Displayed Colour This colour block can be changed by changing the parameter display colour.


Name Description
Editable When on, the node is editable.
Locked When on, the node is locked into its position on the board.