Adding sACN (Streaming ACN E1.31)

The sACN IO can be added with a click on the (+) within the IO Connections.

within the Inspector a local interface needs to be defined
the update rate for this protocol can be changed

DMX monitor

selecting the sACN IO and click on the icon

a DMX monitor will be shown
different universes can be selected

Patcher for Maps (MapList)

selecting the sACN IO and click on the icon

this list shows all used maps and can be modifyed here

a click on the icon opens the patcher

multi select the fixtures which should be patched


for some objects there are already predefined map outputs available
if not, check the general map

General Map

a DMX general map can link any parameter from the object.

for sure multiple parameter can be added to this map


By draging the sACN IO Connection to a Board, receiver or sender nodes can be added.