This minor release mainly contains improvements and some new features as well as many bug fixes

New Sensor object:

  • Sick Lidar now supports the full product range (LMS, LRS, MRS, PicoScan & TIM)

New Node:

  • Generator for random numbers

Objects Improvements:

  • The Axis object now supports Map Inputs for freeD, Mo-Sys and PSN
  • Volume now has a Filter to limit the point count
  • The Fixture Profile now supports RGBW

Camera Calibration Improvements:

  • Better calibration result using the Axis calibration tool
  • Better calibration result using the Camera calibration tool Alignment with Marker
  • Better calibration result using the Camera calibration tool Focusing on points

General Improvements:

  • Mo-Sys F4 Serial and UDP IO & Map improvements
  • Using external genlock now has better indicators using different refresh rates and interpolations

Bug Fixes:

  • Under certain circumstances Map Outputs from Camera objects used a wrong position offset
  • Using a complex Alignment Profile within a Camera object caused data jumps/jitter
  • All images based Sensors had the issue after reopen a project that the Difference Filter doesn´t run as expected
  • The Tracker object had a rotation output issue when using freeD protocol
  • Moving an Alignment Profile within the Pool made the Alignment Profile unusable

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed multiple crashes using the Tracking Alignmnet calibration tool
  • Fixed crashes by executing the Alignment with Marker calibration tool
  • Fixed multiple crashes using the Focusing on points calibration tool
  • Fixed SP freeze when deleting objects which still had floating windows open
  • Fixed a crash which occurred under certain circumstances during runtime
  • Fixed a few reopen project loading issues