The Shield Widget is a user interface to monitor the different render passes and shows additional information.


The Shield Widget includes three different areas:

  1. Header and footer area
  2. Actor details
  3. Render passes

1. header and footer area

Within the header the following information is present:


  • green -> valid connection to Stage Precision
  • red -> no connection to Stage Precision
    IP adress from the used local network interface
Tracking Source
  • green -> valid tracking source to the Shield Actor
  • orange -> unvalid tracking source to the Shield Actor
  • red -> no tracking source to the Shield Actor
    name of the tracking source
Resolution Project resolution
FPS actual frames per second


Shows the following parameter from the Shield Actor:

Focal Length the focal length in mm
Horizontal FoV the horizonal field of view in degrees
Aperture the aperture in f.
Focus Distance the focus distance in m
Sensor Size the sensor size in mm
Timecode the actual timecode

Actor Details

Within this area a detailed view of the actual actor properties is shown.

Render Passes

Previews of the different render passes.

RGB only

The different “channels” can be chosen within the dropdown in the upper left corner.


Alpha only