Button input trigger

A Button within the Board can be triggered with an OSC Map Input.

The path needs to match the incoming data.
This is an “on message” trigger.
Everytime when some values will be received on this path the button will be triggered.

Map Outputs Events

To send out OSC messages from Interface objects, it needs to be defined first an event like “on Button clicked” or “on Color changed” event.
After that a OSC map out can be added.

Example of an “on color change” event

Example of an “on button down” event

A custom OSC message can handle multipe Types:

  • Float – needs to be numeric values splittet with a dot for decimal values.
  • Integer – needs to be numeric values without decimals.
  • String – can be any character or number.
  • Bool – can be “1” / “0” or “true” / “false”