Start Videohub Setup

Name Description
Remote Host This is where the IP address of the host can be input.
Remote Port This is the port that the data package will be sent to.
Interface This is the IP address of the local network interface which should be used for this connection.
Is Connected When on, the device is connected.
Reconnect This button can be pressed to reconnect the device.
Get Status The button can be pressed to get the status of the device.


Name Description
Send Trigger The trigger message can be manually added.
Send Pressing this button will output the trigger.
Answer The answer from the device will be displayed here.


Name Description
Inputs This is the number of the input.
Outputs This is the number of the output.
Build Interface Pressing the button will build an interface.
Get Labels Pressing the button will display labels.

Labels Inputs

Labels Outputs

Smart Videohub