With the Script Node you can create your own Node.

Go into a board where you want to create your node.
Inside this board you need to do a secondary click on an empty space and browse for “Script”.
Instead of browsing you also can go to the category “Utility” and you find here the “Scirpt Node”.

You have now sucessfully create a empty script node.

If you select the “Script Node” you will see in the inspector the category “Parameter” with a small (+) at the end.
You can create here pins as in- and outputs.

You can change the type of each pin.

With a double click on the name in the upper left corner you can give this pin a individual name.

It´s possible to define the run modes:

  • On Input Change
  • On Trigger

By using on trigger a addional trigger input is avaiable.

You can now start with your scripting. Click here