• Support for UE 5.4.1
  • Invert option for Matte Passes
  • All render passes are now available as Render Target
  • new Actor (PointDataActor) – can automatically spawn Classes from the SP volume
  • Shadow-Catcher supports now BP Actor
  • New render pass to render without any Tonemapper color shifts


  • Performance Improvements
  • Camera recording improvements
  • Shield config files are now in the main Config folder
  • Shield menu has now all settings
  • Warning messages can now be suppressed
  • Audio playback also if -game mode or out of focus
  • nDisplay detects automatically the ShieldActor
  • find nearest IP address if IP is XXX.XXX.XXX.1 or XXX.XXX.XXX.255
  • Option to override reflections method instead of always
  • LiveLink options within the LiveLink Components
  • bAllowThrottling is “false” by default
  • Blueprint to screenshot scene view in full resolution
  • SDI Alpha optimizations
  • Option to override occlusion material
  • Multiview preview doesn´t generate any more material instances, which was causing multi-user issues.

Bug and Crash fixes:

  • Suppress RT message dialog
  • SP -> Shield / Send command line commands
  • Shadow Catcher issues
  • Issue with LiveLink Timecode
  • nDisplay CineCamera issues
  • SDI issues when switching destinations
  • Issues with live input alpha channel
  • Many more smaller bugs and crash fixes