The shortcuts can be located under ‘Help > Shortcuts’ or by pressing ‘Shift + F1’.


Name Description
New ctrl + N
Open ctrl + O
Open Last Document ctrl + shift + O
Save ctrl + s
Save As ctrl + shift + S
Select all ctrl + A
Copy ctrl + C
Cut ctrl + X
Paste ctrl + V
Duplicate ctrl + d
Delete ‘delete’ ‘backspace’
Preferences ctrl +
Project Settings ‘ctrl ‘ ‘ctrl+shift
Select Previous Item ‘cursur up’ ‘shift+cursor up’
Select Next Item ‘cursor down’ ‘shift+cursor down’
Undo ctrl + Z
Redo ‘ctrl + shift + Z’ ‘ ctrl + Y’
About not mapped by default
Manual F1
Tutorials not mapped by default
Shortcuts shift + F1


Name Description
Quit ctrl + Q


Name Description
Lock Screen shift + F12
Import SpE ctrl + I
Import FBX ctrl + alt + F
Export FBX ctrl + shift + E


Name Description
Camera W
Move E
Rotate R


Name Description
Selection Focus F
Home H


Name Description
Delete Board not mapped by default


Name Description
Play/Pause Sequence Spacebar
Previous Cue shift + page up
Next Cue shift + page down
edit Time T
Previous timestep Page up
Next timestep Page down
Go to start Home
Go to end End
Go to Preview start shift + Home
Go to Preview end shift + end
add Cue F9
Add Info Cue not mapped by default
Add Play Cue not mapped by default
Add Pause Cue not mapped by default
Add Jump to Cue Cue not mapped by default
Add Jump to Time Cue not mapped by default
Set Preview Start B
Set Preview End N
Move block to Cursor [
Move Block Group to Cursor alt + [
Move block end to Cursor ]
Move Block Group end to Cursor alt + ]
Strech block start to Cursor shift + [
Strech block end to Cursor shift + ]
Set Preview REange to Selected Blocks F
Divide Selcted Blocks at Cursor alt + D