Rendering Settings are similar to how they were in UE4. For more details, can refer to here.

Depending on the Shield Actor Mode that is chosen, different options would be exposed and become available.

Specific Updates to UE5:

Shield Actor Mode

Name Description
Simple Split includes garbage and holdout matte passes and the option to get an extra alpha pass from selected background elements. Best to use with external keyers without translucent materials.
Advanced Split brings an extra foreground render pass to achieve translucency in Foreground objects and all Features from the “Simple Split”.
Augmented Reality Input compositing with multiple blend modes, occlusion, reflection and shadow catcher.
Combined combines all available features in one mode to be ready for every use case.

Reflection Catcher Methods

For UE5, there are several options for reflection calculation:

  • Lumen only
  • Lumen with Ray Tracing
  • Ray Tracing only
  • Screen Space – only renders reflection for objects within the screen space

Shadow Catcher

There is the option to enable/disable the shadow catcher and adjust the intensity of the shadow catcher.

There is also the additional option to enable Ambient Occlusion and overwrite the default settings of Ambient Occlusion