Name Description
Position This will move the object along X, Y and Z axis in the local space.
Scale Scale of the coordinate system. To scale the Object check the settings under “Display”
Rotation Rotation of the object along X, Y and Z axis.

Surface Setup

Name Description
  • Static Surface
  • Dynamic Surface
  • Camera Projection
Position Source The position of the surface can be assigned a source object.
Align Center Pressing this button will align the center of the surface to the center of the four points.

Point Setup

There are four points to set up, each is set up the same way and creates a surface object.

Name Description
Relative Position The XYZ coordinates for each point can be assigned here.
Update Position Pressing this button will update the position of this point.


Name Description
Display Object If ticked, the object will be visible in the scene. If un-ticked, the object will not be visible.
Display Label When on, there will be a label displayed next to the object.
Locked When un-ticked, it activates keyboard shortcuts – pressing ‘E’ allows you to move and ‘R’ rotate.
Object Colour Double click the colour block and this will open a colour picker. This can be used to change the object display colour.
Viewport Scale Dimensions of the object in the viewport in meters.

Display Settings Tutorial


Output Mapping