The board acts as a control panel. Within the board objects and IO connections can be broken down into individual parts and controlled either by using them as interfaces or nodes.

The board allows the user some freedom over how events within SP happen, with calculate, convert, utility and other types of nodes to build individual and logic-based events.

The board can be used to create node graphs, external interface options and logic expressions. Parameters can be added to the board by clicking the + button in the top left corner or right-clicking anywhere on the board which will open up the same menu.

The nodes can be found under the board section.

Adding Parameters

Any part of an object or IO connection can be added to the board, to do this click and drag the parameter you wish to add to the board. There will be an option to display this parameter as its interface or node.


This will display the parameter as it is displayed within the inspector however there is now external control within the board. Therefore the object doesn’t have to be open within the inspector to affect that individual parameter.


This converts the parameter, object or IO connection into a node with input and/or output values. This node can then be connected to other nodes to create events.

Moving around the board

  • Middle Mouse Button – Moving
  • Alt + Left Mouse – Moving
  • Mouse Scroll – Move the board up and down.
  • Shift + Scroll – Zoom In/Out.


Name Description
Lock all Nodes This will lock the position of all the nodes within the board.
Unlock all Nodes This will unlock the position of all the nodes within the board.
Snapping This will display ruled lines that guide the placement of the node.
Lock When this function is on the nodes can not be moved around the board.
Frame All This will center the board view.
Frame Default This will frame the top of the board.

Pin Colours

Name Description
Red Text/String/Message.
Yellow Bool or True/False.
Green Float.
Orange Vector.
Blue Integer.
Cyan Colour/RGB.
Purple Point.
White Trigger.

Video Tutorial

Node system setup.