New Integrations:

New Nodes:

New Features:


  • Lens Profiles are now supporting multiple units for the distortion parameters.
  • Added more alignment tools for VBO Snapshots.
  • Multi Map Input optimization to support merging behaviors better.
  • Overall speed improvement for saving project files.

Bug Fixes:

  • Calibration Screens have not saved the resolution correctly within the project file.
  • Calibration Single Screen – Even though they were positioned correctly, the coordinates were not set correctly in the inspector.
  • VBO Point alignment tools – selected points were not drawn in the viewport.
  • Blickfeld Sensor had not saved the parameter “display frustum” within the project file.
  • Hokuyo alignment tools – Calibration points were not drawn correctly when the sensor was already positioned.
  • Sick LMS – mesh was missing.
  • Midi TC IO (MTC) did not work.
  • Midi IO did not work.

Crash fixes:

  • Axis Calibration Tool crash fixes.
  • Project load issues solved.
  • Copy/Paste notes from one project into an other crash fixes.