Occlusion will be used to “remove” parts of the render passes.

This could be necessary to define “floor levels” within augmented reality (AR) setups or to “remove” parts of the passes matching to real world objects, like “pillars” or any other real objects within the camera feed, which should be “in front” of the AR elements.

The occlution objects can be any kind of “StaticMeshActors”.

It´s possible to use multiple occlution objects.

Define an occlusion Object

All objects defined as “Set as occlusion object” which are equal to the “occlusion Objects” list within the Shield Actor, will be used as an occlusion object.

The three cubes are defined as an occlusion object (screenshot in edit mode/not in play)

The occlusion objects “removed” now the parts of the render pass

This includes also the alpha channel