The Technocrane is a camera crane system, this is the input for the crane tracking system.


Name Description
Local Port This is the port that will receive data from other devices.
Is Bound This will be on when the IO connection is bound to a network.
  • Unicast
  • Multicast
  • Broadcast
Interface This is the IP address of the local network interface which should be used for this connection.


Name Description
  • Ascii
  • Binary

Technocrane Mapping

With an Map Input the Data of this IO will be mapped into the defined object,

Maps In

Name Description
Position When on, the incoming position data will be used.
Rotation When on, the incoming rotational data will be used.
Lens Data When on, the incoming lens data will be used.


Name Description
  • Global Position – The object will be affected by the global position of the data.
  • Relative Position – The relative position will be output.
  • Global Rotation – The object will be affected by the global rotational data.
  • Relative Rotation – The rotation of the object will be relative to the tracking data.


Name Description
Tracked State
  • Undefined – When tracker does not have a map input.
  • Inactive – When the tracker has a follow object input map.
  • Active – When the tracker has a target object map input.
Enable Recording When on, the input data can be recorded.

Compatible Input Objects


A Technocrane IO Node can be added to acces the data inside the board.

Name Description
Zoom Zoom value
Iris Iris value
Focus Focus value
Track Position Jib position on the track
Telescope value of the telescope arm