disguise Setup

OSC Input

Name Description
Local Port This is the port that will receive data from other devices.

OSC Output

Name Description
Remote Host This is where the IP address of the host can be input.
Remote Port This is the port that the data package will be sent to.

Trigger Maps

Trigger maps can be “called” among other things within interface objects like Buttons, Dropdowns, Timline Trigger Layer, Areas, Nodes, and many more…

Name Description
Play Trigger play mode
Play to end of section Trigger Play to end of section mode
Loop section Trigger Loop Section mode
Stop Trigger Stop
Previous section Jump to previous section
Next section Jump to next section
Return to start Jump to start of the track
Previous track Jump to previous track
Next track Jump to next track
Track ID Jump to a track with a Track ID
Track Name Jump to a track with a specific name
Jump to Cue Jump to a specific cue
Hold Hold output
Fade Up Fade up output
Fade Down Fade down output
Volume Set volume
Brightness Set brightness