The volume is able to take in multiple point data such as point clouds. Points from within that data can be singled out and data outputted.


Name Description
Position This will move the object along X, Y and Z axis in the local space.
Scale Scale of the coordinate system. To scale the Object check the settings under “Display”
Rotation Rotation of the object along X, Y and Z axis.
Velocity This is the speed of the object in the direction it is traveling along the X, Y and Z axis.
Acceleration This is the rate of change of the velocity of the object.


Name Description
Point This is the number of points created by the volume.
Size The dimensions of the volume area, height, width and length.
Get Size From Maps The point size can be created from the map.
Show Mapping This button will open the volume map in Mapping2D view.
Mapping Background An image can be loaded using the button to be used as the background.


Name Description
Display Object If ticked, the object will be visible in the scene. If un-ticked, the object will not be visible.
Display Label When on, there will be a label displayed next to the object.
Locked When un-ticked, it activates keyboard shortcuts – pressing ‘E’ allows you to move and ‘R’ rotate.
Object Colour Double click the colour block and this will open a colour picker. This can be used to change the object display colour.
Viewport Scale Dimensions of the object in the viewport in meters.
Display SubPoints By turning this on the subpoints of the object will be displayed. When turned off only the main point of the object will be visible.

Display Settings Tutorial

Volume Specific Filter



Name Description
Distance Tolerance This increases the distance in-between the points.
Lifetime Tolerance The more this is increased the longer the life of the point.
Keep Ids The IDs from the individual Point Data Providers will maintain when this is enabled



Name Description
Smoothing By increasing this the smoother the movement of the points is.
Smooth Size When ticked the smoothing filter will affect the size.


Name Description
Border The border clipping creates a smaller spawning area within the volume area.
Border X The border will be added along the X axis.
Border Y The border will be added along the Y axis.
Border Z The border will be added along the Z axis.


This filter allows users to have direct access to the blob points generated by the blob detection via script and manipulate them via a script.


Input Mapping


Output Mapping

Node Based

The object can be controlled and used as a node. The node is created by clicking and dragging the parameter on to the board.

Name Description
  • Input – The nodes input values are determined by incoming values from an external source.
  • Output – The node is outputting data to another source.
Target Object This is the object that will either be affected by the incoming values or output information.
Position The directional XYZ values will be displayed here.
Rotation The rotational XYZ values will be displayed here.
Enabled When on, the parameter is active and enabled.
Display Colour This colour block can be changed by changing the parameter.


Name Description
Editable When on, the node is editable.
Locked When on, the node is locked into its position on the board.