IO-Connections (Sensors):

New Objects:



  • Excel node
  • Local Cartesian
  • Geographic Coordinate

Lens Calibration:


General features:

  • Cues in a CueList can now be reordered
  • Snap to Point function
  • Import FBX Polygon objects
  • Project search function (CTRL + F)
  • New Monitor for Timecode analyzing
  • TC buffer for SPNet
  • Info which IO´s are Studio features (artist only)
  • History List has a new floating window
  • Camera Filter -> Add point on curent position (+)
  • Script functions for user data
  • Shield run functions with parameter
  • Target control mode
  • Projection effector
  • Add flip option for CenterShift in Stype IO
  • Faster Save/Load improvement
  • Scroll only on selected parameters instead of always
  • FBX export improvement
  • mover node supports more objects
  • Tuio handling much more faster
  • Tracking filter speed improvements up to 16x