The mif4 Rosendahl is an interface to professional timecode. This IO connection allows SP to communicate with the Mif4 device and go into the different state.

Once a Mif4 IO connection has been created, new SP actions can be created for this device.

Trigger Maps

Trigger Maps can be “called” among other things within interface objects like Buttons, Dropdowns, Timeline Trigger Layer, Areas, Nodes, and many more. There are 6 modes available for the Mif4.

Stop Stop the timecode
Play Start the timecode
Deferred Play Similar to the “Play” command, but “Deferred Play” is delayed until LOCATE is achieved.
Pause Pause the timecode
Goto Jump to a specified timecode
Set Source Changes to source timecode of the Mif4 unit to: * LTC
  • MIDI
  • USB
  • Gen – for internal generation of TC