Name Description
Position The position of the kinect along the XYZ axis can be set.
Scale The scale in meters can be set here.
Rotation The rotation on the XYZ axis can be set.

Vbo Options

Name Description
Display Vbo When on, the vertex buffer object will be displayed.
Draw Point Size
Display Mesh When on, the mesh will be displayed.
Capture Pressing this button will add the Vbo to the objects panel and open its own parameter window.
Near Clipping The near clipping range can be set here. This is the closest rendering distance.
Far Clipping The far clipping range can be set here. This is the furthest rendering distance.
Clip Floor When on, the floor will be rendered in the clipping distance.
Floor Height The height of the floor can be set here in meters.
Clip With Object When on, a set object can be added into the clipping frame.
Primitive Cube The clipping object can be selected here.


Name Description
Display Object If ticked, the object will be visible in the scene. If un-ticked, the object will not be visible.
Display Label When on, there will be a label displayed next to the object.
Locked When un-ticked, it activates keyboard shortcuts – pressing ‘E’ allows you to move and ‘R’ rotate.
Object Colour Double click the colour block and this will open a colour picker. This can be used to change the object display colour.
Viewport Scale Dimensions of the object in the viewport in meters.